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What makes us unique?

We know that it is ok To be different. And we want the world to know, too.

About us.

Bubbles was born March 12, 2021 and originally entered this world as a sport hunting dog. His original owner noticed his eye sight was not the best and instead of euthanasia, offered him to be re-homed to someone who could see how special he was and live out the rest of his life in retirement. Bubbles hit the jackpot that day and he joined the pack of beagles owned by Stacie Elliott- an absolute beagle lover and an advocate for rescuing the breed. It was on this day that Bubbles met his soulmate and guide dog, Nugget. The bond was immediate and the empathy and compassion shown by Nugget towards this disability was unexplainable- and rare!

Bubbles gained a social media following and with that came hateful comments about his appearance. Instead of letting it hold us back- it pushed us further to educate the general public about dogs with disabilities.

In 2022, the organization began rescuing the beagle breed with a focus on the “throw aways”…. the injured, the disabled, the retired sport dogs needing medical care and rehabilitation to a home life. The fund this mission, Stacie and bubbles began the “bubbles of kindness” campaign traveling to schools to educate children about Bullying prevention and Inclusion of those with disabilities. In return, the schools make donations or hold supply drives- which are split between our rescue and the Genesee County Animal Control. To date we have donated over 4 LARGE loads of supplies to Animal control for the animals in need in our area.

Bubbles & Nugget.

if you’re going to be weird, be weird together.

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