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What makes us unique?

We know that it is ok To be different. And we want the world to know, too.

About us.

Bubbles was born March 12, 2021 and originally entered this world as a sport hunting dog. His original owner noticed his eye sight was not the best and instead of euthanasia, offered him to be re-homed to someone who could see how special he was and live out the rest of his life in retirement. Bubbles hit the jackpot that day and he joined the pack of beagles owned by Stacie Elliott- an absolute beagle lover and an advocate for rescuing the breed. It was on this day that Bubbles met his soulmate and guide dog, Nugget. The bond was immediate and the empathy and compassion shown by Nugget towards this disability was unexplainable- and rare!

Under veterinary ophthalmologist care it was confirmed that Bubbles was born with cataracts over his lenses which caused his pupils to never develop- his eye sight was that of a newborn puppy just opening its eyes for the first time-cloudy and unclear. It was also determined that 3 other genetic birth defects were present in his eyes and his vision could never be restored. Being at a high risk for painful glaucoma to develop at such a young age and that his current conditions were causing some discomfort the decision was made to remove Bubbles eyes while he was young and resilient.

Bubbles was able to recover fully, mostly in part to having his Nugget by his side guiding him through life- and the loving support of his human parents. It was shortly after this surgery that negative public comments began being made about Bubbles and his condition. One night, after being hurt by a comment on social media, Stacie reflected back to her childhood and the bullying that not only witnessed everyday- but she was also a victim of bullying herself.

Stacie decided not only is it not OK to bully a disabled animal....but was determined to educate people about disabled animals and began an anti-bullying campaign in hopes that more people would learn to love like Nugget- with compassion and empathy.

Bubbles & Nugget.

if you’re going to be weird, be weird together.

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